What techniques would you use, Strategic Management

Question 1:

"Sometimes conflicts escalate, the atmosphere becomes charged with anger, frustration, resentment, mistrust, hostility, and a sense of futility....in such a conflict, perceived differences become magnified, each side gets a locked into their initial positions and each side resorts to lies, threats, distortions, and other attempts to force the other party to comply with demands".

What techniques would you use if you want to shift to a win-win situation?

Question 2:

Regardless of the form negotiation takes, it is important to have a well-developed set of negotiation skills. Discuss the knowledge you must have in order to develop and use these skills effectively.

Question 3:

Think of any situation you have come across where you had to negotiate. Using the knowledge acquired during the lectures and tutorials, explain how you dealt with the issues during the negotiation process.

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