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What is Project 802?

It is a project begins by IEEE to set standards that enable intercommunication among equipment from a variety of manufacturers. It is a way for specifying functions of the physical layer, the data link layer and to some extent the network layer to permit for inter connectivity of main LAN protocols.

It having of the following:

802.1 is an inter networking standard for compatibility of dissimilar LANs and MANs across protocols.

802.2 Logical link control (LLC) is the upper sublayer of the data link layer which is non-architecture-specific, that is remains the similar for all IEEE-defined LANs. Media access control (MAC) is the lower sublayer of the data link layer thathaving some distinct modules each carrying proprietary information exact to the LAN product being used. The modules are

Ethernet LAN (802.3), Token ring LAN (802.4), Token bus LAN (802.5).

802.6 is distributed queue dual bus (DQDB) designed to be used in MANs.


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