What is policy - enumerate the various sources of policy, Business Law and Ethics

Question 1:

Why are some activities organized through private collective action, that is, the market whereas other activities are organized through public collective action?

Question 2:

(a) "People who work in the public services are passengers we cannot afford". Reply to this critical statement from the stand point of either a Civil Servant or a local government employee.

(b) "A Civil Servant should be on tap, not on top". Do you think this statement accurately describes the Minister - Permanent Secretary relationship?

Question 3:

The Minister in charge of the portfolio for transport would like to introduce in the National Assembly the Land Transport Authority Bill. Describe the legislative process of how to go about it.

Question 4:

(a) What is policy? Enumerate the various sources of policy.

(b) It is the role of politicians to make public sector policy. Their priorities are frequently expressed in their electoral manifestos. Political ideologies and politics, however, evolve in response to complex, inter-related pressures and influences. Discuss the major factors which influence government policy illustrating your arguments with appropriate examples.

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