What is meant by the identification problem, Microeconomics

1. What is simultaneous biases? Discuss the cause of ednoginity in regression analysis.

2. Explains concisely what is meant by ' the identification problem'' in the context of liner simultaneous equation model.


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4. i) Consider the identifiability of each of the equations in the following model

(use rank and order conditions):

2127_What is meant by the identification problem2.png


C(consumption), I(investment), T (taxation), Y(income) are endogenous variables; G(government expenditure) is exogenous; U, V and W are random disturbance terms.

ii) What problems arise in the interpretation of the coefficient estimates of equations that are not identified?

(iii) Why do simultaneous equations violate the classical assumption of independence between the error term and the explanatory variables?

(iv)  What happens if OLS is used to estimate the coefficients of a simultaneous system?

(vii) What is Two-Stage Least Squares? What are the properties of Two-Stage Least Squares?

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