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Q. What is Laser Printers?

Laser Printers are page printers. For print quality they also face same addressability issues as DMP/InkJet Printers. Though some other methods are possible to use for better quality here.

One of these is ReT(Resolution Enhancement Technology) developed by Hewlett-Packard.  It prints better at same resolution by changing the size of dots at character edges and diagonal lines decreasing jagged edges.   

A very significant requirement for Laser Printers to print at high quality is Memory.  Memory increases as a square of resolution it implies that Dot density which means the dpi.  So if 3.5 MB is needed for a 600 dpi page almost 14 MB is required for 1200 dpi. You need even more memory for colour. 

For efficient text printing, Laser printer stores page image as ASCII characters and fonts and prints them with low memory usage. At higher resolutions quality of print toner also becomes significantbecause resolution is limited by size of toner particles.

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