What is instance financial reporting, Accounting Basics

Q. What is Instance financial reporting?

For instance financial reporting should

- Provide information concerning an enterprise's past performance because such information is a basis for predicting future enterprise performance.

- Focus on earnings as well as its components despite the emphasis in the objectives on cash flows. Earnings calculated under the accrual basis generally provide a better indicator of ability to generate favourable cash flows than do statements prepared under the cash basis. On the other hand financial reporting doesn't seek to

- Measure the value of an enterprise however to provide information useful in determining its value.

- Calculate management's performance, assess risk, predicts earnings or estimate earning power but to provide information to persons who wish to make these evaluations.

These conclusions are a few of those reached in Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts As the Board stated these statements are intended to establish the goals and concepts that the Financial Accounting Standards Board will use in developing standards of financial accounting and reporting. How flourishing the Board will be in the approach adopted remains to be seen.

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