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Q. What is a good resolution?

In fact it relies on your hardware. Hence it's the maximum your hardware can allow you.  But one odd-looking resolution that has become popular is 1152 ×864 pixels.  Can you judge why this ought to be so?  (Hint:  Think of this resolution at 8-bit colour).

If you cannot wait any longer then here is the answer:  1152 ×864 is approximately one million pixels. Because 8-bit colour depth means 8 million bits or 1 MB. This is the highest resolution you can get in 1 MB video memory at 8-bit colour depth in addition this still leaves you square pixels (in the ratio 4: 3) to allow easy programming.

The above calculations hold good for only two-dimensional display systems. This is because 3-D systems need much more memory due to techniques like 'Double Buffering' and 'Z-Buffering'.

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