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A member of your team shows disruptive behaviour. Her work is excellent but she is not a team player. The results are that she does not make a payment to team effort and her colleagues determine her difficult to work along with; the project team secretary has rejected to work along with her at all. How could that serious problem have occurred? What can be done now?

It has been allowed to go on more long and is recently a real drag onto project performance. Two objects require to be addressed instantaneously. Firstly, this is not acceptable for the project team secretary to reject to work with her. You require being quite clear, in private, which this must stop. Though don’t get into a disciplinary frame of mind; you could helpfully follow the process significantly.
Secondly, the disruptive team member requirements to understand that the disruptive behaviour which you have considered is unacceptable. The process previously explained could be followed.

There are two further points as given below:

a. Is the ‘disruptive’ person actually disruptive or does she just work in a different way? Is her preferred team function one that makes others uncomfortable along with her? Is she being made the scapegoat for the other people’s uneasiness?

b. Are you providing clear leadership, being encouraging and open openness along with others

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