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Q. What do you mean by Bleeding Index?

This factor is applicable at this stage to evaluate the health of one stage implants in which the transmucosal component allows the formation of a mature gingival collar around the implant prior to the prosthetic phase.

Gingival bleeding, when probing is co-related through inflammation and the plaque index.   Bleeding index is indicator of sulcus health. The most common bleeding gingival index used for implants is the Loe and Silness gingival index (GI). When used on teeth this index scores gingival information from 0 to 3 on the facial, lingual and mesial surfaces of all teeth. The symptoms of bleeding comprises of score of atleast 2. The GI score may also be used to record the gingival information on the facial, lingual and mesial surfaces of all implants. When the sulcus depth is less than 5 mm but the bleeding index increases, chlorhexidine is often indicating along with other professional and home care methods. Sulcus Depth in excess of 5-6 mm has a greater incidence of bleeding and usually requires gingivectomy or revision surgery. During the 1st year of clinical examinations for the peri-implant tissues, colour, form and consistency should be recorded along with bleeding on probing and probing depths of all sites.

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