What do you mean by accounting environment, Accounting Standards

Q. What do you mean by Accounting Environment?

Record keeping in an accounting sense is deliberation to have begun about 4000 BCE. The control, record-keeping, and verification problems of the ancient world had many characteristics similar to those we encounter today. For illustration, an ancient government as well kept records of receipts and disbursements and used procedures to check on the honesty and reliability of employees.

A study of the progression of accounting suggests that accounting processes have developed primarily in response to business needs. As well economic progress has affected the development of accounting processes. History demonstrates that the higher the level of civilization the more elaborates the accounting methods.

The emergence of double entry bookkeeping was a critical event in accounting history. In 1494 a Franciscan monk Luca Pacioli illustrates the double-entry Method of Venice system in his text called Summa de Geometric, Arithmetical, Proportion and Proportionate (Everything about arithmetic, geometry, and proportion). Several consider Pacioli's Summa to be a reworked version of a manuscript that circulated among teachers and pupils of the Venetian school of commerce and arithmetic.

Seeing as Pacioli's days the roles of accountants and professional accounting organizations have expanded in business and society. As professionals accountants have a accountability for placing public service above their commitment to personal economic gain. Complementing their compulsion to society accountants have analytical and evaluative skills needed in the solution of ever-growing world problems. The special capability of accountants or their independence and their high ethical standards permit them to make significant and unique contributions to business and areas of public interest.

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