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Q. What are the objectives of software design?

What are the objectives of software design? How do we transform an informal design to a detailed design?

Ans Objectives of software design

The use of the design phase is to plan a solution of the problem specified by the requirements document. This phase is the initial step in moving from the problem domain to the solution domain. In other sense starting with what is needed design takes us toward how to satisfy the needs therefore the basic objectives are:

  • Identify different kinds of software based on the usage.
  • Show differences among design and coding.
  • Describe concepts of structured programming.
  • Exemplify some basic design concepts.
  • See how to design for testability as well as maintainability.

Non-formal methods of specification are able to lead to problems during coding particularly if the coder is a different person from the designer that is often the case. Software designers don't arrive at a finished design document immediately but develop the design iteratively through a number of different phases. The design process includes adding details as the design is developed with constant backtracking to correct earlier and less formal and designs. The transformation is completed as per the following diagram.

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