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What are the functions and powers of the Security Council?

The functions and powers of the Security Council, which are as follows:

• To keep international peace and security within accordance along with the principles and ideas of the United Nations;

• To investigate any situation or dispute it might lead to international friction;

• To suggest methods of adjusting that disputes or the terms of settlement;

• To formulate arrangements for the establishment of a system to control armaments;

• To find out the existence of a danger to the peace or act of aggression and to recommend what action must be taken;

• To call upon Members to be relevant economic sanctions and other measures not including the use of force to stop or prevent aggression;

• To take military action in opposition to an aggressor;

• To suggest the admission of new Members;

• To exercise the trusteeship purposes of the United Nations into "strategic areas";

• To suggest to the General Assembly the appointment of the Secretary General and, mutually along with the Assembly, to select the Judges of the International Court of Justice.

All Council members have one vote. Decisions onto procedural issues are made by an affirmative vote of at least 9 of the fifteen members. Decisions upon substantive issues need nine votes, involving the concurring votes of all five permanent members.

It is the rule of "great Power unanimity", frequently considered as the "veto" power.

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