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What are the advantages of using XML over HTML?

The root cause of the problem lies within HTML that is Hyper Text Markup Language, the defector standard for web publication. The main problem along with HTML is its ‘fixed target’. This target is mostly for display of the content and HTML gives no tag to address the content exactly.
XML that is extensible Markup Language designed through W3C World Wide Web Consortium promises a probable solution to such problem.

The main advantage of XML over HTML is its extensibility that is provision of user defined attributes and tags to know the structural tools of a document. XML also gives structural complexity to explain document structure which can be nested at any stage of complexity.

XML also assists the transfer of structured data among servers. XML explains data, as like city name, barometric pressure and temperature, when HTML defines tags which describe how the data must be displayed, as like along with a bulleted list or a table.

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