What are the advantages of fibre optic communication, Physics

What are the advantages of fibre optic communication?

Advantages of fibre optic communication are as follows:

a. Enormous band width

Coaxial cable transmission of 500 MHz; FOCS of 105Hz.

b. Electrical isolation

No requirement of special care for insulation that fibres are made up of insulators or dielectrics.

c. Immunity to interference and cross talk

As fibres are dielectric wave guides, they are free through interference. Here will be no interference where even while large number of fibre cables bundled mutually.

d. Signal security

One could not sketch signal via optical cable without tampering this unlike by copper wire

e. Small size and weight

As the fibre cables are small into size, less weight and therefore occupy less space, they are helpful in aircrafts and satellites.

f. Low transmission loss

Transmission loss is extremely low compared to copper wire communication. This is reduced up to 0.2 dB/Km. Therefore, this is used for longer distance communication along with less number of repeaters.

g. Harshness and flexibility

Fibre cables are compact, flexible and extremely rough or rugged.

h. Low cost

As fibres are made up of silica that is available in abundance, optical fibres are inexpensive currently days.

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