What are nutritional issues related to neurological disorder, Biology

What are nutritional issues related to neurological disorders?

Nutritional management of the patients with neurological disease is complex, as mechanisms and abilities needed for adequate nourishment get impaired. Reduced functional capacity would impair the ability to procure and prepare food. Self feeding impairment may arise due to limb weakness, poor positioning of the body due to hemi paresis or partial paralysis. Hemianopsia or half sided blindness, apraxia (inability to perform), mental confusion, fatigue and early satiety can affect feeding. Weakness of the tongue, facial and masticator muscles can lead to prolonged feeding time and coughing or choking while eating. Chewing and swallowing difficulties could also arise. Emotional and metabolic stress and trauma can compound the eating and nutritional problems as these can have an effect on the nutritional requirements. In view of the long term disabling consequences, most neurological disorders require special rehabilitative care. Personalized nutrition care plays a vital role in this rehabilitation, for healing and recovery, along with physical, mental and social support and involvement of the patient and the family. 


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