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The following are required for this lesson:

Complete the Project "Adding New Payments," which is the Karate Payments that includes the Adding New Payments, Deleting Payments, Grouping Karate Payments, and Grouping Payments by Member Name Programming Challenges. There are several additional requirements:

The entire application must be done as an MDI application. Each of the forms listed in the assignment must be opened via a menu and/or ToolStrip on the main MDI form.

Make sure to include validation and exception handling on the Adding New Payments form. The Amount and Member ID should be numeric, and the Member ID should exist in the database. The Payment Date must be a Date. You could use a DateTimePicker control to ensure that it is properly entered.

In order to personalize your Final Project, you need to include one more form similar to the Grouping Payments by Member Name that lists only the Karate Payments made by individuals with a first and last name equal to your own. Make sure to include your first and last names in the Form title. Note: You will need to make sure your database already has a member with your first and last name entered. Hint: You can either filter out records via the LINQ query or in code before binding it to the ListBox control.

Four separate visual basic projects of the components are included in this file. I need them combined into a functional MDI application as stated in the description above
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