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You are to insert the missing code in the C program given for combinational equivalence checking. This program will interface with the CUDD package and will parse netlist files in ISCAS85 circuit format. Next, BDDs will be created for each circuit and the two circuits will be compared for equivalence. If the files differ, the program should output a test vector that will cause the circuits to have different output signal values.
After your program is working, you should generate a short report that contains your results in a nicely formatted table. You should compare every netlist with the same number in their filename together. If any netlists cause your program to fail, you should describe why.
Your report should provide a table that gives the size of the BDD for each circuit. Also, experiment with the different variable ordering techniques supplied with CUDD and give BDD sizes for each technique. A listing of your C program should be provided with your report in an appendix.
The format of your report should be in the form of an IEEE research conference paper.

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