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example problms of vectors?

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Changes of resistance with temperature, Changes Of resistance with temparat...

Changes Of resistance with temparature: The resistance of all materials changes with changes in temperature.  The resistance of all pure metal increases with temperature.  The

Invention for that shockley-brattain-bardeen won nobel prize, Shockley, Bra...

Shockley, Brattain and Bardeen won a Nobel Prize for what small invention? Ans: Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain won a Nobel Prize for small invention of transistor.

Is mechanical energy preserved in process, A disk defamation horizontally o...

A disk defamation horizontally on a frictionless, mass less, rotational motion support such that the disk is spinning freely about a vertical axis through the centre of the disk an

Show electrons quantum theory, Q. For particles that have mass such like el...

Q. For particles that have mass such like electrons quantum theory gives the relationship of wavelength to momentum by which of the following formulas, where h is Plancks constant,

Name the device used for data transmission, Name the device used for data t...

Name the device used for data transmission from single computer to an other Justify the name. Using this device draw the block diagram for data Communication and define it brief

Mathematical description of surface tension, Surface tension is described a...

Surface tension is described as the force per unit length in the plane of a liquid surface, operating at right angles on both sides of the imaginary line drawn on the surface T

Magnetism, how to find neutral point in a system of magnets

how to find neutral point in a system of magnets

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