Use account analysis to determine fixed cost, Cost Accounting

Reef Office Supplies is interested in estimating the cost involved in hiring new employees. The following information is available regarding the costs of operating the Human Resource department at Reef Office Supplies in May when there were 60 new hires.

___________Human Resource Department___________
Staff salaries $30,000
Manager salary 7,500
Office supplies 300
Depreciation of office equipment 500
Share of building cost (based on square feet
occupied by human resources) 2,000
Total $40,300

a. Use account analysis to determine fixed cost per month and variable cost per new hire.
b. The company is planning to hire 75 employees in June. Estimate the total cost of Human Resources for June.
c. What is the expected incremental cost associated with hiring 15 more employees than were hired in May?

Please show work.


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