Uniformly distributed load and uniformly varying load, Mechanical Engineering

Uniformly Distributed Load and Uniformly Varying Load:

Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL)

A UDL is one which is spread over beam in such a manner that the rate of loading 'w' is uniform along the length (that is each unit length is loaded to same rate). The rate of loading can be expressed as w N/m run. For solving the problems, total UDL can be converted into a point load, acting at center of UDL.


Uniformly Varying Load (UVL)

A UVL is one which is spread over the beam in such a manner that rate of loading varies from each point along the beam, in which load is zero at one end and increase uniformly to the other end. This type of load is known as triangular load. For solving the numericals the total load is equal to the area of the triangle and this total load is assumed to be acting at the C.G. of the triangle that is, at the distance of 2/3rd of total length of beam from the left end.



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