Udp based data transfer client-server in .net, DOT NET Programming

UDP Based, Data Transfer Server/ Client in .NET C#

Project Description:

We require the Network Level Functionalities (NLFs) of a Server/ Client for transferring data among two remote systems. These NLFs will really need to be integrated in an object, to be possible to add on existing software.

Moving data can have to be built on top of UDP so some of the typical network layer functionality will have to move to application layer. More specially, Path MTU discovery techniques may need to be used to avoid fragmentation. Path MTU could be able to cope with network intermediate devices (routers etc.) that block ICMP.

Data integrity checks will not be implemented at this point.

Object functionality:

#function# Handle = OPEN(ip, port)

Finds Path MTU to a detailed ip, registers an available (UDP) source port to send datagram's and listens to that port for receiving datagram's. Handle number returned identifies a 'path' (can be source port number)

#function# Handle = OPEN(port)

Listens to that port for receiving datagram's. Handle number returned identifies a 'path' (will be source port number)

#property# MTU (handle)

Returns MTU in bytes, 0 if MTU failed negative number if in progress.

#property# IP (handle)

Returns ip used in OPEN.

#property# port (handle)

Returns port used in OPEN.

#function# Send(Handle,Data)

Sends Data to the 'path' pointed by Handle (data size will be MTU, so you won't have to fragment internally)

#event# ReceiveData

Provides access to datagrams received. Source IP, Returns Data, Source and Destination Ports of the datagram received

Skills required and C# Programming, .NET

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