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What are the Difference between dictionary catalogue and classfied catalogue?

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Digetive, i need an assinment how do i find one

i need an assinment how do i find one

What is the important consequence of soil aeration, What is the Iimportant ...

What is the Iimportant consequence of soil aeration Another important consequence of soil aeration is oxidation-reduction reactions  that take place in soil and this may decide

Emergence of urban societies, Emergence of Urban Societies:  The writ...

Emergence of Urban Societies:  The writings of this period also give us a picture of  the social conditions. The social structure was undergoing radical changes at this time,

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Explain sympathetic - nerves system, Explain Sympathetic - Nerves System ...

Explain Sympathetic - Nerves System Sympathetic, as the word suggests, means to sympathize. The body sympathizes during fight, flight and fright reaction. For example, have you

First aid procedure for electric shock, FIRST AID PROCEDURE FOR ELECTRIC SH...

FIRST AID PROCEDURE FOR ELECTRIC SHOCK : Although the procedure described is usually followed, there are occasions when other matters have to be considered and therefore the proce

Determine about the capillary forces, Determine about the Capillary forces ...

Determine about the Capillary forces Capillary forces are observed in all moist soils, however, the rate of movement and the rise in height may sometimes be less than one would

Explain the types of white blood cells, Explain the Types of White Blood Ce...

Explain the Types of White Blood Cells White blood cells are actually a whole collection of different cells that work together to destroy bacteria and viruses. You may recall s

Introduction electricity and water in a laboratory, INTRODUCTION : Gas, El...

INTRODUCTION : Gas, Electricity and water are integral parts of any science laboratory. You would have realised from personal experience (if any) and in the course of your study o

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