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explain the properties of acouple

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What do you mean by line designation tables, Q. What do you mean by Line De...

Q. What do you mean by Line Designation Tables? Development of the Line Designation Tables (LDT's) is carried out in conjunction with the evolution of the P&ID's. Engineering

Design requirements for aircraft access, Q. Design requirements for Aircraf...

Q. Design requirements for Aircraft Access? For some remote locations, provision may be required for occasional landing of aircraft during emergencies or executive visits. Thes

Determine the maximum stress intensities, Determine the maximum stress inte...

Determine the maximum stress intensities: A rolled steel I-section, flanges 150 mm wide & 25 mm thick, web 200 mm long & 10 mm thick  is utilized to carry & axial load of 800

What factors are responsible for surface finish, a) Why cutting fluids are ...

a) Why cutting fluids are used for machining of metals? List different types of cutting fluids and additives for cutting  fluids. b) What factors are responsible for surface fin

Statements of second law of thermodynamics, (a) Show that two statements of...

(a) Show that two statements of Second Law of thermodynamics are equivalent to each other. (b) A house that was heated by electric resistance heater consumed 1200 KWh of electri

Consideration for centrifugal tension, Consideration: 1. From above eq...

Consideration: 1. From above equation, it is clear that centrifugal tension is not dependent of T1 and T2. It depends upon velocity of the belt. For lower belt speed (that is,

Hydrometer-electrical instruments , Hydrometer: Hydrometer (Figure) is use...

Hydrometer: Hydrometer (Figure) is used to measure the specific gravity of battery fluid (electrolyte). Figure: Hydrometer

Thermal efficiency and compression ratio, Thermal efficiency and compressio...

Thermal efficiency and compression ratio: Calculate thermal efficiency and compression ratio for automobile working on otto cycle. If energy generated per cycle is thrice whi

Opportunity cost, whats the example of opportunity cost?

whats the example of opportunity cost?

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