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A of surat consigns goods to B of jaipur to be sold at or above invoice price.B is entitled to get a commission of 8% on sales at invoice price plus 25% of any surplus price realized.B acepted as bill of exchange drawn by A amounting to 50% of the invoice price.
in the year 2010 goods consigned by A were invoiced at RS.2,50,000. these goods cost to A RS.2,00,000.(including freight) sales made by B during the year amounted to RS.2,35, the end of the year goods unsold with B represented an invoice value of RS.60,000. during the year,A had recieved from B RS.40,000. by bank drafts,certain remmittences being in transit on 31st december,2010. prepare necessary ledger accounts in the books of both the parties.also show how the consignment stock will appear in the balancesheet.
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