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Tied Ranks Equal or Repeated Rank

When  two or more  items  have equal values  it is  difficult  to give ranks  to them. In  that case  the items are given  the average of the ranks they would have  received. If they are not tied. For example  if two  individuals  are placed  in the seventh place they  are each  given  the rank 7+8/ 2 = 7.5 which is  common   rank to be assigned  and the next  will  be 9  and it there equal at the  seventh  place  they are  given the rank 7+8+9/ 3 = 8 which  is the common rank to be assigned to each, and  the next  rank will  be10  in this  case. A slightly different formula is used when  there is more than one  item  having  the same  value. The formula is

R-1-6    ∑D2+ 1/12(m3-m) + 1/12(m3-M)..........  / n3- n

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