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Construction, #questidisadvantage of steelon..

#questidisadvantage of steelon..

Determine difference between stations in feet and in station, The survey ha...

The survey has identified the beginning and ending points along an urban arterial highway that require new sidewalks. The first station is located at 5+88 and the second station is

Calculate the square foot of contact area for the formwork, A concrete crew...

A concrete crew will use the available steel form panels measuring 2'-6" wide x 4'-0" high to construct a 40'-6" long by 3'-2" high by 1'-6" wide concrete knee wall. The square

Castellated beams – reasons for its widespread usage, Q. Explain about Cast...

Q. Explain about Castellated beams? Castellated beams refer to the type of beams which involve expanding a standard rolled steel section in such a way that a predetermined patt

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Question Have air test or water tests be selected to test leakage of constructed gravity pipelines ? Answer For gravity pipes, air tests are carried out after completi

How to calculate the diameter of the footing, A circular footing rests on a...

A circular footing rests on a pure clay with qu = 270 kN/m 2 , at a depth of 1.8 m. Verify the diameter of the footing if it has to transmit a load of 720 kN. Suppose the bulk u

Deflection, solving problems with their answer

solving problems with their answer

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