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What is the concept of continuum? How will you define density and pressure using this concepts

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General construction procedure of foundation, General Construction Procedur...

General Construction Procedure Well foundations may be constructed in slipways on barges, or on sand islands. The ones constructed in slipways are launched and towed to their

What is ifd in project management, Q. What is IFD in project management? ...

Q. What is IFD in project management? The P&IDs now reflect the next intermediate stage of development and incorporate any changes requested by the Customer during the IFA revi

Arc welding power sources-arc characteristics, ARC CHARACTERISTICS In ...

ARC CHARACTERISTICS In order to understand the different output characteristics that are required by the welding power source it is necessary to understand the load which is f

Wrought aluminium alloys, Wrought Aluminium Alloys Extrusion ingots an...

Wrought Aluminium Alloys Extrusion ingots and sheets are cast through semi-continuous direct chill method. The sheet ingots are scalped in which about 12 millimeter of ingot s

Flanged pressure vessel nozzles, Q. Flanged pressure vessel nozzles? Th...

Q. Flanged pressure vessel nozzles? The Designer is responsible for ensuring that the facings, bolt circle, number of bolts, and size of bolts of vessel nozzles, match the mati

Embrittlement-metallurgical defects, Embrittlement For use, at high str...

Embrittlement For use, at high strength, coupled with good notch toughness, all weld structure must  be Tempered low carbon martensite. Carbon and alloy steels having more than

Resultant of non coplanar concurrent force system, Resultant of Non coplana...

Resultant of Non coplanar concurrent force system: How do you find resultant of Non coplanar concurrent force system? Sol.: The resultant of non concurrent force system

Leaf spring, weight of leaf spring in bus

weight of leaf spring in bus

Working stress and factor for safety working stress, W orking stress and F...

W orking stress and Factor for Safety Working Stress: Working stress is safe stress taken within elastic range of material. For the brittle materials, it is taken equal to

Explain the bar chart of hydrostatic sensor paver machine, To select the pr...

To select the project, if not already done. Due to above Problem's in Hydrostatic sensor paver machine, now the select the project and solves the problems and also the cost eff

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