Theories of maslow and hertzberg to categorize project team, Business Economics

How can Maslow and Hertzberg’s Herzberg theories of inspiration assist you to categorize your project team and the way work is assigned?

We must suppose that working in an IS project team meets the initial two levels of require in Maslow’s hierarchy, physiological and safety or security requirements. By his or her own achievements, the project manager can address requirements for

a. Social interaction: This is everyone part of the team. No individual is left out.

b. Status and recognition: people are rewarded for their accomplishments, even though it is a simple public ‘thank you’?

c. Challenging and Achievement job: team members are pushed to grow and achieve greater and superior things.

Herzberg determined that the things which motivated people were achievement, detection, the kind of work people were specified, their advancement and responsibility. These are all into the projects manager’s gift. The opportunity is there to structure the work specified to team members to take advantage of the motivating forces into us all.

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