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Q. What is Sun and Nis Law?

The Sun and Ni's Law is a simplification of Amdahl's Law and Gustafson's Law. The basic concept underlying Sun and Ni's Law is to find solution to a problem with a maximum size with limited requirement of memory. These days there are numerous applications that are bounded by memory in contrast to processing speed.  In a multiprocessor based parallel computer every processor has an independent little memory. So as to resolve a problem generally problem is splitted in sub-problems in addition distributed to several processors. It should be noted the size of sub-problem must be in proportion with size of independent local memory available with processor. For provided problem when large set of processors is concluded together in that scenario overall memory capacity of system rises proportionately. So rather than following Gustafson's Law which implies that fixing execution time size of problem can be increased further such that memory could be utilized. The above method helps in producing more exact solution as problem size has been increased.

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