Sub and function procedures in code, Visual Basic Programming

In your code A, Function has to always be used on the right side of a variable assignment or in an expression. For illustration:

Temp = Celsius(fDegrees)


Msg Box "The Celsius temperature is " & Celsius(fDegrees) & " degrees."

To call a Sub procedure from another process, you can just type name of the process with values for any needed arguments, each separated through a comma. The Call statement is not needed, but if you do use it, you have to enclose any arguments in parentheses.

The given example illustrates two calls to the MyProc procedure. One employees the Call statement in the code; the other does not. Both do exactly the similar thing.

Call MyProc(firstarg, secondarg)

MyProc firstarg, secondarg

Notice down that the parentheses are omitted in the call while the Call statement isn't utilized.

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