String routines in c, C/C++ Programming

Available in the string.h header file are the following routines  
This joins string2 to string1; care must be taken to allocate enough space for the answer 
This locates the position of the first occurrence of the character within the string and returns the address of that character i.e. a Find 
This compares string2 to string1, if no difference if found a NULL character is returned else the address of the first non matching character.
The copies the string2 into string1
Returns the length of the string 
Returns a non-zero number if the character is a letter, otherwise a zero is returned
Returns a non-zero number if the character is uppercase, otherwise a zero is returned
Returns a non-zero number if the character is lower case, otherwise a zero is returned
Returns a non-zero number if the character is a digit i.e. 0-9, otherwise a zero is returned
Returns the upper case version of the character 
  tolower (character);
Returns the lower case version of the character

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