strategy and organization analysis, Strategic Management

AThis assignment provides you the opportunity to integrate the course concepts in a meaningful way to develop a set of recommendations for your organization of choice to become more effective. Please ensure you highlight what perspective(s) of effectiveness you are drawing upon.

1. Describe and analyze the environment, strategy, and structure of your organization of choice. It is critical to provide evidence for your analysis.
2. Assess the challenges and opportunities inherent in your organization at this time in terms of managing conflicts and aligning appropriate motivational strategies and values to the broader organizational strategy and structure.
3. Describe any gaps in your organization''s alignment of strategy, structure, systems, processes, and leadership. Please describe specifically the relationship between leadership and organizational culture and ethics. Do this in the context of the topics reviewed in the last four weeks of this course. Please comment on how the misalignment impacts effectiveness.
4. Finally, provide at least five recommendations for change in your organization that will lead to a stronger alignment between strategy, structure, systems, and processes in your organization. Please indicate key factors in the change process that will make each recommended change successful. Please ensure you use the course material on change and effectiveness in your answer.
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