State the important aspects of inflation data for sweden, Macroeconomics

Four aspects are interesting when we look at inflation data for Sweden

  • During 1800s, when Sweden was primarily an agricultural society, deflation where almost as common as inflation.
  • "spikes" in 1918-1922 began with a speculative boom right at the end of World War I, which in turn was followed by a deep depression.
  • In the period from the end of Second World War 1945 to the economic crisis of 1990s, Sweden had continuous inflation with no periods of deflation. Inflation was specifically high during 1970s and 1980s.
  • From 1992 onwards Sweden has had a low and a comparatively constant rate of inflation with regular periods of deflation. A main reason for low inflation in Sweden, as for most OECD countries, is priority given to combating inflation. Sweden now has an inflation target aiming to keep inflation to amid 1% and 3%.

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