State disadvantages of object oriented analysis design, Computer Engineering

State Disadvantages of object oriented analysis design

You know that OO methods only create functional models within objects. There is no place in methodology to design a complete functional model. While this is not a difficulty for some applications (e.g. building a software toolset) but for large systems, it can direct to miss requirements.

"Use cases" addresses this problem, but as all use cases could not be developed, it is still possible to miss requirements until late in development cycle.
Another drawback of the object oriented analysis design (OOAD) is in system modelling for the performance and sizing. The object oriented (OO) models do not easily explain the communications among objects. Indeed, a fundamental concept of object oriented (OO) is that object does not know who is invoking it. While this leads to a flexible design and performance modelling could not be handled easily.
This design itself does not provide support for identifying that objects will generate an optimal system design or not. Specially, there is no single diagram which shows all of interfaces between objects. As you know, coupling is a main factor in system complexity, not having coupling information makes architecture component selection either a hit or miss proposition.

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