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Spreadsheet Software : Consider the grid in Fig. 9.4. It is split into rows and columns and is a pictorial representation of a typical spreadsheet program.

1424_spreed sheet.png

 Figure: Spreadsheet Cells.

You can enter data in any 'cell', e.g. Al, 253, etc. and, for example, perform arithmetic operations on that data and then 'post' the result to another cell. Take the following example. If you wanted to maintain a record of lab expenditure, you could set up a spreadsheet in the following way:

Column A         Column B            Column C                  Column D

Date            Order No.                Item                       Net Cost

Column E        Column F

VAT/Sales      Tax Total Cost

(Value added tax)

If all items in column D had VAT or sales tax chargeable at 17.5%, then

Column G                       Column H

TOTAL of                   Total sales tax

net expenditure                    paid

In a separate cell you could show the balance outstanding on your annual budget.

You should be able to see the possibilities of such a program. Figure shows an example of a printout from a spreadsheet.

 2304_cash flow anaylissi.png

Figure: Example Printout from Spreadsheet.

You still need to ask yourself the same general questions as we listed for database as follows:


(I) Performance


For example, can the program:

(a) Carry out all arithmetic functions?

(b) Accept full character data and editing?

(c) Allow title lock and windowing?

(d) Allow easy cursor movement?

(e) Allow copying of blocks of cells?

(f) Allow alternative screen displays of formulae/data?

(2) Size

The size of the spreadsheet May be limited by the program itself or the size of the computer's RAM (Random access memory). A useful working size is 50 columns x 250 rows.

(3) Cost

The same criteria apply as for databases.

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