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Electronics Engineering Assignment#

Solve problems using DC electrical principles

1.3 A 220 F capacitor is required to store 11mJ of energy. What voltage needs to
appear across plates of the capacitor?

1.6 A C-R circuit consists of resistor of 2 M O connected in series with a capacitor of
10 000 F. If the capacitor is initially discharged, determine the capacitor voltage 10s after the circuit is connected to a 5 V supply.

1.7 An inductor is wound on a toroidal core having a mean length of 0.25m and cross-
sectional area 0.075m². If the core material has a permeability of 1200, determine the number of turns required on the coil if a flux of 0.5T is to be produced by a current of 2A flowing in the coil.
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