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You are a member of the Project Review team for CK Software Services. At the next meeting, the team will discuss the scheduling for the new automated teller machine (ATM) software the company is building. You have been selected to lead the team that will develop the Financial Transactions (FINAT} module based upon the architecture decomposition (ADV) shown in Figure 5.4 on page 178 and the Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS) shown in Figure 5.5A and Figure 5.5B on pages 179-180. The estimates for the detailed tasks are shown below for your convenience.

Prepare the preliminary schedule by completing each of the following.
1. Choose the development model being used for the FINAT project. State the name of the development model/process.
2. Define where you would place the milestones for the FINAT project and prepare a milestone list using a structure similar to Table 5.5 on page 189. Remember that this is part of a larger project where the top-level architecture decomposition (ADV) has been determined. You must then include consideration of how your FINAT project fits into the overall project. That means you need to include one or more milestones that will enable your project to smoothly integrate into the ATM project.
3. Prepare a critical path activity network for the tasks showing the information listed below. Figure 5.6 on page 189 shows an example. You may use Microsoft Project, Visio, or another appropriate drawing tool. The critical path activity network is a directed graph showing the milestones as nodes in the graph with directed edges showing the workflow.
a. Milestones that you identified in #2 above.
b. Concurrent and sequential tasks as needed for your development model/process.
c. Include the individual tasks with the duration for each (shown in parentheses on each edge of the graph). Label each edge with the task “number” and duration.
d. Calculate and state the total number of weeks in the schedule.
e. Identify the critical path by showing the edges in a different color or with a “bold” edge symbol.
4. Prepare a week-by-week staffing profiles for the FINAT project as listed below. Show each in a separate table. Figures 5.11 and 5.12 on page 197 show example profiles for EST and LST calculations.
a. Prepare a staffing profile that gives the most-ideal staffing plan you can devise. That is, arrange your projects so that you satisfy the required workflow but have the most constant staffing plan. The ideal staffing profile is shown in Figure 5.13 on page 198.
5. Extra Credit: Prepare 3 Gantt charts for the FINAT project, one that show the schedule to accomplish each staffing profile.

Detailed Task Estimates (Refer to Figures 5.5A and 5.5B on pages 179-180)
Task Number of Staff Duration in Weeks 2 2 1 3 2 2 2 4 3 5 2 3 1 2 2 2 1 3 3 1 2 3 2 1
3.2.5 4 3
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