Show frequency response using pspice and probe, Electrical Engineering

Q. Show Frequency response using pspice and probe?

PSpice is capable of performing transient circuit analysis, for which the request is given by the following statement:


where TSTEP is the interval between points printed, plotted, or reported to PROBE, TSTOP is the time value for which the analysis is stopped, TSTART is the beginning time value for which results are printed, plotted, or reported to PROBE, TMAX is the maximum time increment between computed values, and UIC is a keyword that causes PSpice to use initial conditions specified for inductors and capacitors in the element statements. In case of omission, TSTART defaults to zero and TMAX to (TSTOP - TSTART)/50. If UIC is omitted, PSpice computes initial conditions by assuming that the circuit is dc steady state prior to t = 0.

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