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Returns the information about tasks running

  • int info = pvm_tasks( int where, int *ntask, struct pvmtaskinfo **taskp )

struct pvmtaskinfo { 

int ti_tid; int ti_ptid; 

int ti_host; 

int ti_flag; char *ti_a_out; } taskp; 

Returns the information about tasks running on virtual machine. Where denotes what tasks to return information about. The options are: 


            for all tasks on virtual machine 

pvmd tid 

            for every tasks on a given host 


            for a particular task 


            returns number of tasks being reported on. 

Taskp is a pointer to an array of structures that contains the information about every

task counting its task ID, pvmd task ID, parent tid, status flag, and name of this task's executable file. The status flag values are as following waiting for pvmd, waiting for message in addition running.

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