Rcr-rcl-logic instruction-microprocessor, Assembly Language

RCR: Rotate Right through Carry:- This instruction rotates the contents  bit-wise of the destination operand right by the specified count through carry flag (CF). For each operation, the carry flag is pushed into the MSB of the operand and the LSB is pushed into carry flag.  Remaining bits are shifted right by the specified count positions. The PF, SF, ZF are not changed. The operand can be or memory location or a register. Given figure explains this operation.


                                                Figure: Execution of RCR Instruction


RCL: Rotate Left through Carry:- This instruction rotates bit-wise the contents of the destination operand left by the specified count through the carry flag (CF). For each operation, the carry flag is pushed into LSB, and the MSB is pushed into the carry flag. Remaining bits are shifted left by the mention positions. The PF, SF, ZF are left operation. The operand can be memory location or a register. Given figure explains the operation.


                                              Figure: Execution of RCL Instruction

The count for shifting or rotation is either 1 or is specified by using register CL, in case of all of the rotate and shift instructions.


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