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Question: What are the differences between the following two techniques of the data collection: Questionnaire and interview? Discuss the uses and limits of each method.

Interview:Interview means is the conversation between the two people on a specific topic or the subject. Or an interview is a conversation between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to get information from the interviewee. Gather the information through talking

There are two types of interview one is structured interview and unstructured interview.

Questionnaire: Questionnaire is another widely used data collection technique. This almost within the format and should in boundary of the particular matter which needs to be get it from the respondent by the questioner. This basically a written set of questions that used go get answers from respondent. There are various types of questions one is open ended questions and Closed ended questions ,split ballot questions and forced choice questions. 

  • A questionnaire is done in writing. An interview is done face to face.
  • A Questionnaire is likely to take a less expensive than the interview is more expensive to arrange it
  • A Questionnaire methodology is the make the respondent to be greater confidence in the answer and this methodology make the person to express his own view without fear and anticipation but in the interview make the interviewer suspense in the respond which made by the interviewee because they will not feel free to express their feeling through this methodology due to afraid
  • An interview is way in which we can observe participant's behavior while we cannot observe in questionnaire
  • In the Questionnaire should be formatted but the interview in the open way
  • The questioner is that sometimes though not always it is necessary to provide more freedom to the respondent to produce information for the questions. When the respondent is given plenty of time for filling out of the Questionnaire can answer the each question carefully rather than the replying them without much thinking for long. But in the interview make lot of pressure to answer the questions for such a period of time frame and they would under pressure to answers it without delaying, it's makes them to confuse the right or the wrong response.
  • Questioner is the easiest methodology but the interview little difficult rather than talking freely and make the interviewer to fear
  • Questioner is already module based and we don't want to preplan anything regard this because all the things which we needed is in the format but the interview is not like that need to preplan a lot in the particular topic which we need to get the clear picture of the viewers or the listeners.
  • Questioners methodology is not flexible we need to cover which are structured in the questioner but the interview is most flexible depend on the interviewer and the interviewee and it will be most effective and freely asking questions in this method
  • Varieties of questioner methods are available but in the interview there are two methods are available.
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