Python Strings and Python Lists, Basic Computer Science

Python Strings:
Strings in Python are recognized as an adjacent set of characters in among quotation marks.
Python permits for either pairs of single or double quotes. Subsets of strings can be taken with the slice operator ([ ] and [:]) with indexes starting at 0 in the starting of the string and working their way from -1 at the end.
The (+) plus sign is the string concatenation operator and the (*) asterisk is the repetition operator.

Python Lists:
Lists are the most adaptable of Python''s compound data types. A list holds items divided by commas and enclosed inside square brackets ([]).
To a few extents, lists are close to arrays in C. One difference among them is that all the items belonging to a list can be of dissimilar data type. The plus (+) sign is the catalog concatenation operator and the asterisk (*) is the repetition operator. The values stored in a list can be used with the help of the slice operator ([ ] and [:]) with indexes early at 0 in the beginning of the list and working their way to end-1.
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