Program to convert compass heading in degrees , C/C++ Programming

Convert compass heading in degrees (0-360 degrees)to compass bearing. A compass bearing consist of three items namely:

a.The direction you face (North or South)
b.An angle between 0 to 90 degrees.
c.The direction you turn before walking (East or West).

For example,to get the compass bearing for a compass heading of 110 degrees,you would first face due south(180 degrees)and then turn 70 degrees East.Therefore,the compass bearing is South 70 degrees East.
Create a C program that will accept a compass heading and display the equivalent compass bearing.

/* Directives */
int main(void)
double heading; /*compass heading in degrees*/
/* Get compass heading */
printf("Enter a Compass Heading: ");
scanf("%lf", &heading);
/* Display equivalent compass bearing */
if (heading < 0.0 || heading > 360.0)
printf("Please Input a Compass Heading between 0 and 360 Degrees.\n", heading);
} while (heading < 0.0 || heading > 360.0);
if(heading <= 90.0)
printf("Compass Bearing: North %.1f Deg East\n", heading);
else if(heading < 180.0)
printf("Compass Bearing: South %.1f Deg East\n", 180 - heading);
else if(heading <= 270.0)
printf("Compass Bearing: South %.1f Deg West\n", heading - 180.0);
else if(heading <360.0)
printf("Compass Bearing: North %.1f Deg West\n", 360.0 - heading);
else if(heading == 360.0)
printf("Compass Bearing: North %.1f Deg East\n", 360.0 - heading);
printf("Please Input a Compass Heading between 0 and 360 Degrees.\n", heading);
/* End Program */

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