Program to average ten 16-bit values, Assembly Language

Write a MC68HC12 assembly language program to average ten 16-bit values that are stored starting at address $1100. Place the two-byte result at $1110. Use indexed addressing.

Using the FCB or FDB directives might be useful here.

FCB (Form Constant Byte) Example:

ORG $4000

FCB $02, $05;

(The above two lines will place constant byte $02 in address $4000, and constant byte $05 in address $4001)

FDB (Form Double Byte)


ORG $4000

FDB $02, $05, $2445;

(The above two lines will place constant bytes as explained below:

 $00 in address $4000, and $02 in address $4001,

 $00 in address $4002, and $05 in address $4003

 $24 in address $4004, and $45 in address $4005

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