Prepare android antivirus with locate device capability, JAVA Programming

Prepare Android Antivirus with locate device capability

Project Description:
We need a developer that can develop an Android Antivirus similar to lookout
Developer need to provide a commitment to this project and may be required to deliver it according to the agreed date.
Features of the Antivirus will be obtained from lookout Android Antivirus.
UI need to be fresh and not copy cat from other existing apps.
1. To develop Android Antivirus with locate device capability same as lookout
2. Prepare Website for Device tracking
3. Server side updates management console.
4. Virus Definition DB located at our server
5. Will use any open source or Free SDK available.
6. Come out with few ideas for the UI.

Android, Graphic Design, C Programming, Java, Project Management

Posted Date: 1/27/2014 5:30:07 AM | Location : United States

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