Prepare a cash budget, Financial Accounting

The following information for the six months ended 31 December 2009 relates to the business of Mr N Morris:

a) Opening cash (including bank) balance Rs 1,200

b) Production in units:

2009                                                                             2010
Apr    May   June   July   Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan   Feb
240   270   300    320    350   370    380  340   310   260  250

c) Raw materials used in production cost Rs 5 per unit. Of this 80 percent is paid in the month of production and 20 percent in the month after production.

d) Direct labour cost of Rs 8 per unit are payable in the month of production.

e) Variable expenses are Rs 2 per unit, payable one half in the same month as production and one half in the month following production.

f) Sales at Rs 20 per unit:


Mar   Apr   May   June   July   Aug    Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec
260   200  320   290    400   300    350    400   390   400

Debtors pay their accounts three months after that in which sales are made.

g) Fixed expenses of Rs 400 per month payable each month

h) Machinery costing Rs 2000 to be paid in October 2009.

i) Will receive a legacy of Rs 2500 in December 2009.

j) Drawings to be Rs 300 per month.


(a) Prepare a cash budget for each of the six months to 31 December 2009, showing the cash balance at the end of each month.

(b) Describe the objectives of budgetary planning and control systems.

(c) Briefly describe the importance of preparing a cash budget.

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