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Preparation of Script 

The most  tedious  and arduous takes is  the  preparation of the  script. While  you have  all the ideas and  points  will should  stored  up in the  mind they  need to  be  given a proper format  so that there is  greater acceptance  by the audience. You   need to decide  whether  your move  is going  to be from  the  periphery to the core of the subject matter or from  the core  to the  periphery. You  could also  take a  decision to just  stick on to the core  so that  the receivers do  not get  lost in the labyrinth of unnecessary  presentation of details.

The points in the scripts should be put  on cue cards which you  should  carry with  you. This is a much better  strategy  than taking  an entire foolscap sheet  from which you  just  read  out the text. The cue  cards also give the presentation  an impressive  look and indicate rightly  that the speaker  is merely  using  them  as props.


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