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The United States Constitution is a document that specifies the powers of the different branches of the government of the United States. There are, however, gray areas. Questions sometimes arise about the legitimacy of the powers being exercised by the various branches. Judicial Review is a legitimate power held by the United States Supreme Court. Moreoever, it is best that they hold this power since they are appointed for a lifetime and are, therefore, immune to political pressure. In fact, without judicial review, the entire structure of the government of the United States might very well collapse. What limitations has the court imposed itself on the use of judicial review? Are these limitations sufficient? Why or why not?

Construct a well thought through essay which agrees or disagrees with this statement. If you agree with this statement you must cite evidence from your scholarship to suggest that these points are well made. If you disagree then you must do the same. You cannot simply state your opinion. You must provide warrants for your assertions. Warrants are reasons that are factual in basis to suggest that your conclusions are accurate. You may consult books, academic articles, the internet, and newspapers in assessing your points and defending your assertions. Please cite any ideas not your own. A failure to do so will be construed as deliberate plagiarism and will result in a zero for the assignment.



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