Physics electricity experiment, Physics


1. Procedure for the storage of equipment used in the experiment.

Enquire how the main equipment used in the experiment are stored.

2088_name of equipment.png

2. Prior preparation made by the lab technician for the experiment

Find out from the lab technician if he checks all the equipments that are listed in the column below, before or at the end of the practical. Also what procedure he uses to check if the equipment are in working order.

3. Method of issue and return of instruments

Enquire from the lab technician about the procedure he has adopted for issuing the equipment to the students as well as the procedure he follows to get the equipment back from students.

1) A battery of two storage cells

2) Voltmeter

3) Ammeter

4) Rheostat

5) Tap key

6) Resistance coil of 2 Ohms

5. Cleaning and maintenance of the instruments

Enquire from the lab technician the cleaning procedure he follows for the instruments used as well as of any 5 important equipment used in the physics lab.

6. Repair and Replacement of the Instruments

Enquire from the lab technician you are consulting about what action be undertaken if the instrument goes out of order or is damaged by the student while doing the experiment.

Are there extra instruments available in the lab so that the work may continue?

What is the ratio of the extra instruments with regard to students? Also enquire from the lab technician as to how he gets the instrument repaired. Does he send it to the workshop or to the company, from which the instrument has been obtained? What procedure does he follow for the replacement of the damaged instruments?

IV Stock replenishing and repair jobs

Find out from the two lab staff members what procedure is followed regarding replenishing of stock on a daily/ weekly as wel1,as on a six monthly basis. State your findings below:

V Preparation Prior to Examinations

Enquire regarding the preparation work undertaken by the technicians prior to exams and enter the findings

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