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What is the physical experiment that show that the protoplasm has contractility?

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MICROFILAMENTS Discovered by Pelvitz. These are smallest cell structure. These are non-living structures. These are solid structures, consists of actin protein (c

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Little  lipophilic  (lipid-soluble)  hormones  distribute  across  the plasma  membrane and  then  interact  with  intracellular  receptors  in  the  nucleus/cytosol.  The receptor

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Define about the Ultraviolet rays - carcinogenic? Ultraviolet rays: There is ample evidence from epidemiological studies that ultra violet rays derived from the sun induce an i

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Q. Described Microbiology of Air? Ans. You would realize that air, by nature, does not contain a natural flora of microorganisms. All that comes into air is by accident and i

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